I am a multi-media artist whose work includes, but is not limited to, designing and making contemporary quilts & fibre works, writing poetry & prose, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and, of course, the art of living each day creatively!

I have a studio at home, where I make artwork and where I meet clients to discuss commissioned works of art.

I have been designing and making original art quilts and fibre art since 1997. The primary inspirations for my art work are nature, architecture and urban structures. I begin with an experience, feeling, vision or words that inspire me. I often have a general idea about the color palette, size, materials and structure (2D or 3D) of the piece. During the making of my design, I keep the process fluid enough to respond to how the art work itself will develop. Often the finished piece will have evolved from my initial vision.

I also work with people individually and in small groups using art-making to explore aspects of their selves and as a Creativity Coach.